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Something very strange is happening in the world.  There are mutations happening and in a secret government lab, experiments are being done.

But no one is supposed to know. And people who do have a tendency to disappear….

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Price: $26.50 per person

Aliens from outer space are here and making people sick

Escape Room Capacity: 8 Players  Difficulty: 8.5/10   Time to Escape: 60 mins

Juror reenactment of ST. Valentines Day Massacre

Escape Room Capacity: 6 Players  Difficulty: 10/10   Time to Escape: 60 mins

Al Capone’s Revenge

In 1930, Chicago is run by Al Capone, a ruthless mobster and murderer. FBI’s Eliot Ness has him on trial in just one hour.

Capone is smart. Despite all his crimes, he’s never been in prison. He thinks he’s going to skate again.

Can you find the hidden proof to put this murderer away for life?

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Price: $26.50 per person

Big Top Murders

Welcome to the Circus of the Damned, where your life is no longer your own! You and your friends have been taken hostage by a demented serial killer who is framing you for a murder you did not commit.

You have only 60 minutes to find the evidence which has been planted. Find it before your time runs out and you become the latest victims – facing the death penalty for atrocities you never dreamed possible.

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Price: $26.50 per person

A serial killer is on the loose in Circus of the Damned

Escape Room Capacity: 8 Players Difficulty: 9/10  Time to Escape: 60 mins

*Recommended for ages 16 and up, mature audiences only

The ghost can't rest until what was stolen is returned

Escape Room Capacity: 6 Players  Difficulty: 8/10   Time to Escape: 60 mins



You’re a member of the Fayetteville Paranormal Crime Unit. Last year you assisted the homicide unit in solving  Mr. Pennylock’s murder.

Since his death, his ghost has been haunting the old manor.  He can not rest because the necklace of his beloved first wife was stolen the same day of his murder.

Find the culprit and retrieve the stolen jewelry or the the old man’s soul will be trapped here forever.

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Price: $26.50 per person

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