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Can You Beat the Clock?


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Had an amazing time visiting Xscape Factor LLC in Fayettville, NC. I know for sure I will be back to try another room and see if I can beat the clock again, since I and my fellow team members were able to beat the clock in the first ever xscape room I got to play in 🙂 I played in the one they have set up for Halloween called “Big Top Murders (Serial Killer Edition)”. I love that the place is affordable to go to if you are looking for something fun to do in Fayettville, NC.


Christa Sunderland

Stopped here on our way home with my 11 year old and his friend. We had never done one of these and I wasn’t sure what to expect. We ended up doing “Abduction” and it was pretty difficult (9/10) but the staff was helpful. It was very challenging and interesting; as an adult I enjoyed it very much. Everyone was so professional and positive, nice….genuinely nice! I’m curious what the Escape Rooms around my hometown are like, and if they are anywhere as wonderful as these people are! I’m afraid these guys may have spoiled us, and the next time we try an Escape Room elsewhere we will be disappointed! Thanks for setting that bar!

Cherilyn Pineda Marshall

So much fun! We went with a group and ended up doing two rooms in one night. We couldn’t get enough. The staff was so friendly and fun. The rooms had great props and clues. We will definitely be making additional trips. Try it, you will love it!

Amber Clabo

This was the best escape game I’ve been too, and I’ve done quite a few! Will definitely be going back, and I do not even live here! A+ employees and an awesome owner! 100% recommend to everyone. Thank you so much for having us!

Tiffani Hilton

So much fun, my parents (in their 60’s) and my daughters 11 & 13 all put in valiant effort. We were all able to all participate and have a great time, so hard to find something for literally an entire family to do! We had so much fun!

Andrea Farr Blakey

Can not say enough about how awesome of a place this is/was. The most fun I’ve had under one roof! Everything was amazing, from the detail of each room to the awesome, friendly, professionals that run it, down to the bowl of candy they have in the waiting room. I loved everything about this place and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time…or anyone not looking for a good time…really I recommend it to everyone. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed that you did.

Pedro Juan Carlos Rivera

Chelsea Lynn

This was so much fun and you can tell all the rooms are really thought out. Me and my husband needed something fun for date night and this was perfect. We did the abduction room. The owners are so friendly and know the true definition of customer service. We will come back for many date nights in the future!!! Thanks for a FANTASTIC night.

Chelsea Lynn

It is super fun and you all know there isn’t a lot to do these days. So basically they have different themed rooms they give you the setting and a few vague Clues. Then you and your team whether it be people you know or just random people get locked in a room with a time limit. Then it’s up to you and your team to work together to get yourself out of this room by following the clues they have put around, working the puzzles , all to find the code to the door. The puzzles are not impossible but they do make you think. They have about a 85% ratio people getting out which is good because you don’t have to be a genius to have fun. You’re racing the clock which they give you I believe about an hour but also you’re fighting against other people times. In the room we went into thier were four other people in this room that we did not know. We all work together really great and beat the record for the time getting out of that room. The staff/ owners there are awesome, super friendly super fun and willing to take any suggestions you may have to make their place even better. I think getting people that we know together to do this would be even more fun. I highly recommend this to anybody who has a free hour and looking for something other than the normal go to a movie or go to a bar thing to do in Fayetteville. Honestly I wish my dad was still around because this is the type of thing that he just absolutely loved. Anyways anybody who wants to go with me and James again inbox me and let me know. They have at least 4 more rooms that I’m going to check out each one.!!!!!+

Summer Bell

Had a blast!! This was the first time my husband and I had ever done one of these so we started out with their easiest rooms at first we were kinda lost however once we got on a roll we were outta the room!! On the way home we talked about how awesome it was and ended up going back the same day to do another room!!! Sooo much fun great way to spend some time together and challenge your mind.. definitely will be going back to try the other two rooms!!

Jessica Angelino

We’ve been to a handful of Escape Rooms. We found out Fayetteville had a new spot so we were eager to try it out. It did not disappoint! We did the serial killer room and it was so much fun!! The room was decorated great, the clues were great, everything was awesome. We will definitely be going back to do the other rooms.

Jacklynn Kendal Eiland
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