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Team Building


At Xscape Factor!

Team Building at Xscape Factor

Strong teams have strong relationships. They trust one another to work together toward a common goal. So how does that relate to catching Al Capone or preventing aliens from another planet from destroying the human race?

Problem solving has never been this much fun.

First, the mysteries and puzzles at Xscape Factor are challenging. Each room has a degree of difficulty and all the scenarios are original and unique. We add new chapters to each saga regularly to keep the content fresh.

Can you beat the clock?

At Xscape Factor, your team has one hour to find the clues and put them together to solve the mystery.  When you’ve got a clock ticking down and killer clown coming home any minute  – it ramps up the pressure. A team that responds to deadlines gets the job done.

Team builders at Xscape Factors

Packages & Pricing

When you come to Xscape Factor for team building you take over a specific room. (See our rooms.)  Each room has varying degrees of difficulty and we’re happy to help you decide the best scenario for your group.

Make Xscape Factor your team building venue. Give your staff an event they will talk about for months. We offer a variety of options to build a special event to meet your needs. 

 An escape room experience can help exercise the communication and collaboration of a seasoned teams or offer a creative way to pick the right person for your team as you go through the hiring process.


  • Groups of 1 – 8: $26.50 per person
  • Groups of 9 – 20: $23.00 per person
  • Groups of 21+: $21.00 per person


  • Catered meals – between $12.50 – $15 per person – See your choices!
  • Team Building Conference Room Space: $50.00 (during the exercise only)
  • Conference Room Rental (w/o team building): $150.00 per hour
  • Conference room projector: $25.00 (you bring the computer)

*Not eligible for other discounts or specials.


Ask about presentations on Leadership. Our owner has significant expertise in helping people achieve their full potential. Call 910-676-8926

Teams collaborate under deadline at Xscape Factor

Team Benefits

Our escape rooms offer everyone the chance to show their problem-solving and team building skills  Your team may surprise you as they let their hidden talents shine!

  • Challenging and interesting problems to solve
  • Encourages everyone’s participation
  • Requires communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills
  • Chance to identify and develop individual skills
  • Sharing a memorable and exciting event

If you’ve been searching for new ways to build your team, we’ve got four exciting escape themes to enjoy. This is will be a team building event that your staff will never forget!

Schedule A Team Building Exercise


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Please understand that some dates and times may be unavailable. But we will work with you to find a good time for everyone.

Problem Solving Like Never Before

Let us know if you want to book your session during our off hours. RESTAURANTS. OFFICES. STORES.

Team Building customers

Logos of Team building customers at Xscape Factor

What Your Team Can Expect

When your group arrives at Xscape Factor, we welcome you and your team.  If you’re using conference space, we’ll give you a chance to get set up.

Need help picking an escape room? Just ask us!

Every room has a back story, so before your team enters, we walk them through the scenario. The clues for every escape room are hidden. Not only does the team have to find them – they have to put them together to solve the puzzle.

And they have just an hour to do it.

We’re happy to work with you to customize the experience – if you want to reward certain roles or behaviors during the exercise, just let us know. This is about building the best benefit and experience for your team – at an affordable price.

Private Parties

Wondering if we rent rooms for private parties? Yes we do.

Birthdays and Private Parties at xscape factor
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